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From roaming the streets of Venice to exploring the Swiss Alps, there are countless adventures out there waiting to be had with Time to Travel Tours. We have organized trips in over 20+ countries world-wide. There's no time like the present to pick your top 3 dream destinations and our team of travel enthusiasts will plan affordable itineraires for your review. Thinking about multiple countries, cities, or stops? No problem! The more detail you provide us, the more unique the itinerary!

What does Fun mean to you?

What is your idea of fun on vacation? Do you enjoy sipping sangria with a nice book on the beach or do you prefer ziplining through the jungle? What about skydiving above the beaches of Abu Dhabi? Based on your interests and answers, our team of experts who specialize in the planning and searching for affordable prices of travel will plan your whole itinerary for you. 

Time to Travel offers Financial Assistance

Let's face it, the cost of living isn't getting any cheaper in 2017. With our convenient monthly or bi-weekly payment plan options, you can put down as little as $300 to secure your dream vacation and pay as you earn. We cover travel insurance, flights, accomodations and up to 2 excursions per destination. 
"I can't thank Time to Travel Tours enough for the best vacation this past summer! I've never been to Australia before and I didn't know where to begin with planning. My Trip Consultant was an expert on what to do and where to go. From snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef to playing with Baby Kangaroos - this was a trip of a lifetime! I can't wait to plan another getaway next summer!"

Alicia Smith New York, New York

Happy woman who has traveled to Australia
Being from Las Vegas, we don't have a lot of green mountains or trails to hike. I was looking to escape from the bustle of the city and relax, enjoy some nice local food and beer, as well as experience a new culture. I didn't provide a location to Time to Travel but their recommendations were spot on. Of the itineries provided, I decided to head to Ireland for a week of exploring and hiking. A major shout out to Michelle specificially for all of her work on helping organize the trip flawlessly, it was exactly what I needed.

Joseph Henry Las Vegas, Nevada