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Travel Experience on Affordable Beach Vacations

Aug 15, 2017 6:46:33 AM / by Ryan Jones


Often times when planning a trip, some will want to explore foreign cities, others may just want to relax on the beach. When I travel, I tend to try and fill my day with things to do and to take in as much as I can in other destinations. Whether that be exploring cobble stone streets in Europe, visiting museums or even hiking an unknown terrain, I always try to throw in a bit of variety. For my latest trip, I decided it was time research affordable beach vacations and to see what slowing down and sunbathing was all about. I went to St. Lucia for a long weekend. Here's my feedback after this affordable beach getaway.

It's OK to nap.

I usually want to be up and at em when I travel. I found that with my accommodation just a minute walk to the beach, I spent a great deal of time under an umbrella as well as taking in some hot Caribbean sun. With the heat and sun, I find it easier to sleep on beaches than in other areas. I napped twice on my first beach day trip. I don't mean a 10 minute siesta, I'm talking like an hour nap. This was so foreign to me and it was probably my body telling me as a young professional, it's OK to take this time and really recharge and get a tan. A few cocktails on the beach didn't hurt either but I really enjoyed it.

Bring A Book

Because I was traveling alone, there was some down time. Whether it was on the beach, at a local restaurant for lunch, I found it easy to escape into a book for a little while every so often taking in some awesome people watching opportunities. Having a book always comes in handy in the airport and flights as well.

Think of Excursions

Beach and island excursions are a great idea to fill some of that time as well! I took on a surfing lesson for a few hours where I was able to, barely, stand on for a full wave but I felt pretty happy about it. Another item I was able to sign up for was an open sea Catamaran with other tourists and some locals. We had lunch on the water with drinks. We got to know eachothers backgrounds and reasons for traveling. When out not far off from the coast, we all were allowed to do some snorkeling and observe some great marine life in their natural habitats. The water was beautiful. Crystal clear with that light blue tint. Other excursions that I saw were available were horseback riding on the beach, banana boating, renting jet skis, as well as swimming with seat turtles. Travel consultants can assist with the planning of the ideal excursion that works just right for you.


Walking or running, depending your mood, is a great way to clear your mind and explore some areas. Walking the beach was beautiful and such a tranquil experience. I switched between some nice music playing through headphones as well as just listening to soft waves crash onto the beach. Just because you're on the beach, doesn't mean you need to stay put and just sit there. Definitely not a bad thing.

Overall, I enjoyed a dedicated beach vacation. It was affordable for a young professional. I felt rested. I felt relaxed. I also found ways to fill the time each day so that I felt that I was definitely getting the true value of my trip. I also think that travel destinations are totally dependent on your preference and on what you consider your ideal vacation.

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Ryan Jones

Written by Ryan Jones

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