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Affordable Vacations to Spain - The Top 4 Must See Cities

Aug 13, 2017 7:12:56 PM / by Ryan Jones

Planning a trip overseas? We hope that you've considered affordable vacations to Spain. I use the word affordable as the flight prices to the Spanish country have dropped significantly over the years! Spain is a country full of rich culture, hospitality, wine and an abundance of tapas. It’s one of our favorite countries to visit at Time to Travel. The architecture throughout the country is beautiful in which it ranges from province to province. From the Moorish influence in Granada, Andalusia to the new modernism of Gaudi in Barcelona. There are certainly many sights and things to do throughout this tapa loving country while as well as many cities to visit. We’ve listed out our top 4 Spanish destinations.


4.) Seville

Situated in the south western part of Andalusia, Seville, the province’s capital, is home to the final resting of Christopher Columbus. With must see sites of the Seville Cathedral, The Alcazar Gardens, Plaza de España, and the Torre del Oro, there are plenty of things to explore. For all the Game of Thrones fans, the Alcazar gardens is where the city of Dorn is replicated and it is a true reflection of these orange tree and palm tree flourished bright gardens.

The Torre del Oro in Seville, Spain.

Favorite Dining: Casa Tomate. This tapas bar and restaurant is adjacent to the Seville Cathedral. With an abundance of art work and rich food, this place certainly left us remembering it’s name and incredible ambiance.

Dining at a Spanish restaurant in Seville, Spain.

Seville is a great walking city as well where the old and new parts of the city blend together right along the River of Gaudagilvir. The city, which is comparable in size to Boston, has frequent travelers noting that Seville's great for bike rides, historic horse-led carriage rides as well as kayaking along the river.

A skyline view of Seville from the Seville Cathedral.


3.) Barcelona

Barcelona is undeniably beautiful with its beaches on Barceloneta as well as paired with its unique architecture throughout the city. With the population over double Seville’s, there is certainly plenty to do and a lot of people to meet. 

A plaza in Barcelona, Spain.

From visiting Gaudi’s infamous Sagrada Familia to the colorful Parc Guell with breathtaking views of the city, there’s an activity for all in Barcelona. We always recommend heading and venturing through Las Ramblas as well. There are plenty of shopping opportunities, food and markets, as well as elaborate street performers to witness.

A view of Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia in the far background.

For noteworthy nightlife there are world-class discotecas and clubs throughout the city. Depending on the desired atmosphere, Eclipse has one of the best views in the entire city. Most discotecas will continue the party and dancing until the very next morning.


2.) Granada

Granada is located in southern Andalusia. Nestled between the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and just an hour from the southern coast, Granada is the home to the infamous Alhambra. The Alhamba is the main tourist attraction within Granada and is an Arabic palace that has a history dating all the way back to the 13th Century. There is a strong Moorish influence that still remains in Granada. Where this culture is most prevalent is among the white-washed streets of the Albaicin and furthermore into the winding streets of Sacromonte.

An image of the Albaicin neighborgood within Granada, Andalusia.A great restaurant, or even just for those looking for drinks with a spectacular view should frequent to Restaurante El Balcon de San Nicolas. This will allow a great time with friends or a romantic date with the Alhambra and the city of Granada in the distant background.

Visiting the Albaicin in Granada while on an affordable vacation to Spain.

Granada is also known for it’s tapa culture. For every drink you order, a free tapa soon accompanies. Plaza Nueva is a great location to explore the restaurants and then move more inward towards the Catedral. The free tapas is usually a crowd favorite and is a great perk for travelers on a budget, however, it leaves locals saying "Granada es mas de Tapas!" which translates that Granada is more than just Tapas.


1.) Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is our number 1 choice. There are great sites to see and plazas to explore, such as Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Sol. Madrid is a bustling but relaxed city.

You can escape the bustle by exploring El Retiro Park where you can ride bikes, take naps, have a relaxed lunch and sangria, or take turns on a row boat.

Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain.

The Royal Palace can also be a great site for visitors to explore and tour inside for a small entrance fee.

A fun an cultured neighborhood is Chueca. Known for it's abundant and lively LGBTQ+ Friendly environment, it has been home to large annual Pride parties that bring in millions or tourists each year. 

Coloroful streets of Madrid, Spain.

We hope these pictures and recommendations serve helpful when you think about affordable vacations in Spain. Time to Travel is happy to answer any questionsor conduct consultations on where to go and when in Spain.


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Ryan Jones

Written by Ryan Jones

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