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Top 4 Reasons you should be Traveling Alone as a Young Professional

Aug 8, 2017 7:03:11 PM / by Ryan Jones posted in Travel for young professionals


Traveling alone is an incredible experience and opportunity. It may not be for everyone, sure, but it can definitely come in handy as a young professional. With busy schedules and vacation inconsistencies between family and friends, you shouldn’t always have to wait for a travel partner to get out there and travel. Although traveling in groups has its own advantages, there are certainly benefits to the solo adventure for everyone, especially young professionals. The reasons are:

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The 4 Best Stress Relieving Tips for Professionals

Aug 1, 2017 2:53:36 PM / by Ryan Jones posted in Travel for young professionals

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If you’re reading this – you probably have found that your stress levels seem a bit high. The following 4 tips and tricks will set you on a path for some workday stress relievers as a working profressional. Our goal with the following advice is to get you toward's that "life's a beach" mindset - it's always much more attainable than you think.

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