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Top 4 Reasons you should be Traveling Alone as a Young Professional

Aug 8, 2017 7:03:11 PM / by Ryan Jones

Traveling alone is an incredible experience and opportunity. It may not be for everyone, sure, but it can definitely come in handy as a young professional. With busy schedules and vacation inconsistencies between family and friends, you shouldn’t always have to wait for a travel partner to get out there and travel. Although traveling in groups has its own advantages, there are certainly benefits to the solo adventure for everyone, especially young professionals. The reasons are:


1.) You can be 100% Yourself:

Woman traveling alone on a beach.
Traveling alone as a young professional takes some adjusting. For many, leaving the office to take a vacation takes time and resources. If you’re going to be seeing new cultures and new sights, tackling this solo is an amazing way to find your true self and really recharge. It will also help you learn things you never knew before. From self discovery and awareness to also learning new abilities outside of your comfort zone. Tackling this by yourself can make it that much more satisfying and enjoyable. Whether it be exploring and hiking through Iceland, discovering a gem of an airbnb, exploration through ancient streets, or simply being exactly as you are, your truest self, there’s something incredible about being away from it all.


2.) Leave the “What do you want to eat?” routine at home:

Young professional eating alone on vacation.
Being a solo diner creates an opportunity for you to feed your cravings first. Often times when traveling for your profession or with friends there are many factors to consider. What atmosphere, what type of cuisine, who needs to be there – the list goes on and on. Dining alone certainly opens you up to really anything you want, you’ll just need to overcome the initial awkwardness. To confirm -- eating alone isn’t a bad thing! Whether you want to take it easy with a smaller meal or try half the menu at a local restaurant, you can do so exactly as you please. Sitting at the bar is a great option for solo-travelers so that you can meet new people as well as interact with the waitstaff. You can also bring along a book or laptop to keep you company. Our recommended golden rule, solo or not, you should always try exploring new cuisines when traveling.


3.) You can take your time:

Young profressional taking a long walk on vacation.
When you’re traveling alone, you may have more opportunities to move at your own pace. This is sometimes difficult to adjust to. For the young professional travelers, from our experience, traveling alone comes with a mind-set shift in which you walk just a little bit slower, smile a little longer, and finally gain ultimate freedom. Often times you can spot out group travelers or professionals who are in a rush to meet an assigned tour, catch a meeting or make a specific reservation. By having the freedom to take your time off outside of the office, it opens you up for a much more relaxing and, often times, more spontaneous adventure!


4.) Capture the moments that matter to you:

Young profressional taking photos on vacation.
We always recommend investing in a camera for documenting your trip and memories. Whether it be an iPhone or a GoPro, you won’t regret having the sights documented in foreign cities or countries. It’s also always great to take more pictures than you think you should, just so Mom, knows you’re fine. Of course, you can always delete them after but this serves as a helpful reminder of a specific place or location that you might just want to revisit sooner than you think.


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Ryan Jones

Written by Ryan Jones

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